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Bug Buster’s is a Pest Control Services Company establish on 1989. It provides pest control solution to any kind of facility (Commercial, Industrial and Residential). A well trained management staff which adopts the pest control program of Integrated Pest Management or IPM that generally means of less chemical used and focused in good housekeeping and structural management for 21 years.

The fundamental mission of Bug Buster’s is to provide Pest Management program is to train, equip, motivate and develop employees in the performance of service duties as described in the list of tasks and duties in our performance agreement. These tasks are mutually agreed upon with our customers. At the core of this program is a team responsible for the implementation of the entire program within a facility.

We are committed to provide the kind of pest control services that leads to total customer’s satisfaction, with the understanding that this differs from business to business and from customer to customer. We have a commitment to provide each of our customers with the full advantage of all our resources from research to results to effective pest-free environment.

The Bug Buster’s training process is recognized in the industry as the finest for teaching job skills. Our pest control management team will conduct job skills training and review sessions with facility personnel. Each company employee is provided with sufficient training to make each individual as efficient, effective and productive as possible.

Bug Buster’s practices Integrated Pest Management This strategy includes both chemical and non-chemical pest control methods, employing application of chemicals only when and where necessary. In keeping with Integrated Pest Management IPM we can help you establish more effective pest preventive measures such as helping structural improvement/modifications, developing and implementing in-house sanitation training and other pest exclusion program.

Many commercial and residential customers now desire that their pest management service program be designed after the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. The goal of an Integrated Pest Management - IPM program is to use pesticides only when and where necessary and to incorporate as many non-chemical control measures as possible. Each customer’s need and facility will be different in its construction, pest infestation and maintenance, therefore the pest management service procedures will change with each facility. Cooperation and communication between and its customers are crucial to success in minimizing the use of pesticides while at the same time keeping the facility free of pest infestation.
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