Dry Wood termites

Open your Home to proven termite protection.

Fumigate with Vikane gas Fumigant for total-home protection from drywood termites.

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You have unwelcome guests.

Open your Home to proven termite protection.They hide inside your walls, roof beams studs and foundation. Around door and window frames. Even inside your cupboards and wooden furniture. When a colony of drywood termites invades your home, they immediately begin to eat it. Populations reach in the thousands- all foraging on your valuable investment. What’s worse, they can start multiple colonies within your home, all eating away. The result is costly destruction.

All termite species combined, damage millions of homes in the United States, costing property owners more than $ 5 billion in treatments and repairs each year.

Dry wood termites’ are particularly devastating. Tireless wood eaters, they carve their path of destruction from the inside out and multiple colonies can remain undiscovered for years within a home.

You have a superior Protection option

Protect your home and eliminate drywood termite colonies by choosing whole- structure fumigation with Vikane gas fumigant. Only whole –structure fumigation with Vikane ensures the elimination of drywood termites. And only Vikane has been trusted for nearly 50 years for treatment of more than 2 million structures. It’s your best option for total home drywood termite protection.

While many spot treatments only reach accessible areas in your home for partial or temporary results, Vikane gas fumigant penetrates ever inch of your home where termites hide.

Eliminate drywood termites with Vikane

Unlike other treatment available, only whole-structure fumigation with Vikane gas Fumigant is proven to eliminate drywood termite colonies. Its spreads into every nook and cranny of your home, penetrating into the pores of wood to reach the air those termites breathe so no termites survive.

Depend on a proven process for success.

Fumigating with Vikane gas Fumigant means following an established 24 to 48 hour treatment process. Your professional fumigator uses this proven process to help ensure effective elimination of drywood termites and your safety. Its includes:


Covering your Home with Tarps- “ Tenting”.

After your home has been prepared for fumigation, your professional fumigator tents it with large tarps, gets the interior ready and seals all tarps.


Releasing a Warning Agent.

Once you home has been tented, the warning agent (chloropicrin) is released into the structure. Chloropicrin helps ensure the home is vacated of people and pets prior to fumigation with Vikane.


Lock Down.

All the Doors to your home are secured with additional locking devices designed to prevent entry by anyone except the licensed fumigator.


Fumigation with Vikane.

Next, Vikane is introduced into the home. The Fumigant penetrates deep into wood to eliminate the drywood termites.


Aeration and Certification.

When the fumigation is complete, your fumigator aerates your home and uses sophisticated detection equipment to ensure the gas is gone. Once your home is clear, your fumigator certifies it so your family can re- enter with confidence.

Trust Your Home to trained Professionals.

Vikane gas Fumigant can only be administered by highly trained, licensed fumigators, these experts practice the fundamental standards demanded by Dow Agro Sciences LLC and state authorities and work closely with you to deliver effective results.

No residue worries with Vikane.

After the fumigation treatment is complete and Vikane gas fumigant is cleared, enter your home with confidence. Unlike many competitive treatments, Vikane doesn’t remain in the home after fumigation. Vikane completely dissipates from the home, leaving no surface residue behind. So with Vikane, you don’t need to wash your dishes, lines, clothing and other items after fumigation.

Environmental Stewardship.

Dow Agro Sciences is committed to ozone protection and the development of ozone- friendly products. That’s why the U>U> Environmental Protection Agency awarded Dow Agro Sciences the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award. Given annually, this award honors corporations and individuals who develop and use viable alternatives to ozone-destructive chemicals. Sulfuryl Fluoride, the active ingredient in Vikane, is one such ozone- friendly compound developed by Dow Agro Sciences.

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